New Minecraft maps involve frights, falling and stealing stuff


Blocks. So many blocks. Mojang has just announced a bunch of new Minecraft maps – eight of ‘em to be precise. These fresh, brick-based playgrounds span survival maps and mini-games, and are now available through Realms – the studio’s monthly paid subscription service.

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Here’s a quick rundown of the new and updated user-made arenas:

  • CastleRose: Brother’s Feud – The goal with this map is simple: protect your castle with walls, moats and the like while trying to wreck your opponent’s mighty fortress.
  • Skylight – A survival map where you spawn in a dig site… or to be more accurate, underneath a dig site. The objective here is to get mining quickly so you can emerge above ground and taste delicious fresh air.
  • The Dropper – An existing map that’s been slightly tweaked for Realms. The goal couldn’t be much simpler, or more off-putting for folk who suffer from vertigo. You start up high, then fall while trying to avoid objects mid-plummet. Delightful.
  • SunBurn Reforged – A mini-game where you blast your pals with power-ups. Watch out for the disappearing ground underneath your feet. If you don’t keep moving, you’re screwed.
  • Monster’s Portal – Or ‘Minecraft does Tower Defense’. Protect your portal from waves of beasties as you try to make it through eight increasingly tough levels.
  • UHC Blox – That stands for ‘Ultra Hardcore’, in case you were wondering. This is a team or free-for-all fight, where you craft to survive, and where health regen is nixed.
  • Lucid Nightmare – A map that somehow manages to make adorable Swedish blocks semi-scary. Explore some spooky tombs while a mental patient stalks you. Fun, fun, fun.
  • The Heist – A single-player stealth jaunt where you knick valuable trinkets from heavily guarded offices and such. Virtual thieving is oh so much fun.

You can sign up to Minecraft Realms for £8/13 a month or download the maps above from their respective creators’ sites.