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Open-world sandbox Boundless coming to PC, lets you become a real estate agent

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Of the many treasures Paris Games Week uncovered is brand new open-world title coming to PC and PS4, tellingly titled Boundless. Alongside the game reveal was a brief but promising trailer, which showed off loads of stunningly blocky landscapes and players travelling between worlds via portals.

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The Minecraftian game, in which players explore, collect and build across a number of worlds looks incredibly ambitious, with developers Wonderstruck saying players will be able to do anything from opening their own zoo to becoming a real estate agent.

Though it’s not yet clear what will make up the bulk of Boundless’ gameplay, Wonderstruck have said the game will be multiplayer oriented and will feature PvP and PvE elements. The presence of a builder’s tool as well as the blocky, chromatic environments certainly call to mind the likes of Minecraft, Starbound and Terraria, as does the game’s ‘do whatever you want’ premise.

Wonderstruck outlined their hopes for the game in an official Sony blog post, claiming their “ambition is to build the ultimate open-world sandbox filled with real players, toys and mechanics”. If it lives up to that promise we’ll be looking at a more malleable No Man’s Sky.

Boundless is slated for a 2016 release.

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AnAuldWolf avatar
AnAuldWolf Avatar
2 Years ago

I know it may not be the purpose of the game but I've always been intrigued by the mere notion of how everyday jobs would mutate if transferred into a much more fantastic world.

What's being a fireman like in a world where gravity has given up? And how effective are detectives in a comic book Universe? Or what's it like to have to paste up advertisement posters in the middle of an extradimensional convergence where creatures beyond our ken are flooding into our reality? Though admittedly the C64 has the latter-most of these covered.

In this case, I'm intrigued by being a real estate agent of sorts on an entirely alien world with its own ecology and sentient life forms that have completely different needs and desires to the ones we're used to. In such a game, were it even to exist, I could see myself becoming worryingly engrossed as I info-sponged all I could about these peoples and tried to provide them with the most apt and applicable lodgings.

That'd be pretty rad.

I'm excited about this! I know that this likely isn't what the game is, but still, what a great idea! And coupled with that trailer that's just so lovely (I didn't tear up, you teared up) and more of what I actually wanted that No Man's Sky didn't deliver?

I could make art of this! Even if this game's an absolute failure, I'm entranced by the aesthetics of it and I too wish to know it's raison d'etre. It might not be anything quite as exciting as being an alien real estate agent (more likely just a violent person that randomly builds houses), but still... I don't know. It seems you can at least converse with and learn about the critters to a degree.

Yes, I think I'm excited.

And I can create art of this.

Your imagination would make you one heck of a video games salesperson, Jordan.

Edit: Wait... Looking at this on other news sites, is it ACTUALLY an alien real estate agent game??? I couldn't tell, I thought you might have been joking and being clever! If this is the case... I am SO EXCITED.