Notch’s $70 million mansion rebuilt in Minecraft (sports cars not included)


Once news broke that Notch had bought a house in Beverly Hills – the most expensive ever sold in that particular neighbourhood – commentators started their stopwatches. The eventual Time to Minecraft Mansion was in the region of hours, not days.

English YouTuber Dan Bovey began with his Minecraft map of Franklin’s pad in GTA V – and found that it served as ample template for Notch’s candy-room-complete house in the Hills.

The in-game conversion is missing the James Dean print and motorbike – but shares the vast majority of incidental details and the infinity pool. It also boasts a nicer view, over craggy lakeland rather than LA’s urban landscape.

“i have like literally no comment,” said Notch of the build.

The IRL 23,000-square-foot mansion is made up of eight bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, a movie theatre, car showroom, two bars and said candy room. Its 54-foot curved glass door would no doubt require a very complex arrangement of sticky pistons indeed.

Notch bought the place for $70 million – but got a tower of M&Ms, giant grenade art and 18-foot onyx dining table thrown in at no extra cost.

Bovey plans to release a version of the map via his Planet Minecraft page. Think you’ll play at living in the Minecraft originator’s place over Christmas?