Minecraft’s new snapshot features some very good axolotls

Mojang is bringing the year to a close in Minecraft by giving you the chance to hang out with some rather fine axolotls, indeed. The developer has pushed out snapshot 20w51a for you to try, which adds the fishy friends alongside some various changes and tweaks.

Axolotls won’t spawn in the world just yet, but you can find spawn eggs for them in your creative inventory. If you’re holding a tropical fish or tropical fish bucket, they’ll swim around with you in the sea. They’ll also grant you temporary regeneration and remove any mining fatigue effects you may have if you save them from a mob they’re being attacked by. You can also stick ’em in a water bucket and carry them around with you – bless their wee souls. Just don’t fling them onto dry land. They are fish, and they will die.

The new snapshot adds other changes, too. Bundles and shulker box items will now drop their loot when you destroy them, and Sulk Sensors’ vibrations have changed depending on your circumstances. For example, walking on wool no longer causes vibrations, and Sculk Sensors will now be silent if they’re waterlogged.

If you’d like to see the notes in full, you can find ’em over on Reddit.

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If it’s more information on Minecraft axolotls you’re looking for, and frankly we don’t blame you, then you know where to click. The new snapshot is just a taste of the Caves and Cliffs expansion. If you want to know about everything that’s coming in the Minecraft 1.17 update, we’ve wrapped it up for you like a timely Christmas present.

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