Minecraft’s effects display is changing to reduce screen clutter

Minecraft's getting some interface tweaks

A snowy mountain range and grassy hills in Minecraft

It’s Wednesday, and you know what that means – another Minecraft snapshot is here, with another round of features for testing ahead of the 1.18 release date. This one’s pretty light, but there is cool stuff. Most notably, we’re getting a revamped effects display aimed at making your screen look a bit less cluttered.

In snapshot 21w39a, the list of active effects has been moved from the left of the inventory to the right. There are now two different effects displays, too – the classic list will still appear in many circumstances, but a new compact view condenses each effect to a single icon, so that it can display more neatly when, say, your recipe book is open.

This snapshot also brings in some new advancements. You’ll get Caves & Cliffs for falling from the top to bottom of the overworld, Feels Like Home for riding a strider over lava, Star Trader for doing business with a villager at the height limit, and you’ll get to go full Julie Andrews with the Sound of Music for getting a jukebox going in a meadow.

You can check out the full list of changes or download the snapshot for yourself on the official site. Since this is a beta version, all these details are subject to change ahead of release – but you should expect to see most of them implemented alongside Caves & Cliffs part 2 later this year.

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