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Minecraft fans find new easter egg in two-year-old snapshot

Minecraft April Fool's snapshots are always replete with secrets and even though this one is two years old it was still hiding this

Minecraft snapshot: a mob floats across the lava in an underground cave

Minecraft snapshots hold many secrets, but it usually doesn’t take long for the community to find them. It’s far from the norm that someone discovers something like string making lava silent, and that’s in the main branch of the building game where countless people are playing it. There are secrets hidden within other versions of the game, too, like the April Fool’s screenshots.

It’d be natural to expect new secrets from the latest April Fool’s snapshot, but you’d be wrong in this case. Instead, we’re looking back to 2020. The 20w14 infinite snapshot was released on April 1, 2020, and was described as the only snapshot for the “Ultimate Content” update.

The patch added many silly things like Funky Portals, a skin for the Nether Portals, and an Ant, which was designed to simulate Langton’s Ant. Along with all of that, it turns out that it also added in a small chance to catch different mobs when fishing, with one of those being the horrifying Elder Guardian, as wonderfully demonstrated in this new Minecraft Reddit post.

A Minecraft Developer called Madlollipop on Reddit chimes in to say that “sometimes it’s more fun to let the community find stuff.” They also say that they’re not sure if people have found everything in the most recent April Fools snapshot, and that “we won’t know for ages”.

We’ve discover a Minecraft Easter Egg on 20w13infinite snapshot from Minecraft

So, if you’re a keen secret hunter, then maybe you should be messing around with the 2022 April Fool’s snapshot. If you’re keener on experiences that are trying to punish you, then maybe you should try this Minecraft x Elden Ring mod pack instead.

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