Minecraft Elden Ring has arrived thanks to mods

Thanks to one YouTuber's massive efforts we're all now able to enjoy a version of Minecraft that feels and looks a lot like Elden Ring

Minecraft Elden Ring mod: two players in armour run across a field to fight a dragon

Minecraft’s version of Elden Ring is here, and it’s amazing. Marrying up these two titans of gaming seems like an impossible task, but thanks to the power of modding, and one very committed YouTuber, it’s now a reality. What’s more, it’s easy enough to do it yourself.

The YouTuber in question is AsianHalfSquat, who does a lot of Minecraft mod videos highlighting the great work that the community is doing in the building game. This time around, it wasn’t one mod they were highlighting, but over 40.

In the video, AsianHalfSquat goes over each of the mods they’ve chosen in detail, explaining why they’ve been picked, any minor tweaks you may need to make, or any potential issues they can cause. It’s a lot to take in, but it’s worth watching the video if only to understand just how titanic this undertaking is. If you fancy it yourself, you can find the Shattered Ring mod pack at the link.

The result is a game that certainly looks like Minecraft, but not as most know it. Instead, combat has more depth with different weapons involving new timings to consider and button mashing is no longer a viable strategy because the tougher mobs will punish you for it. New bosses roam around the world ready to attack without notice as they smash up the environment and decimate the players.

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Dungeons look horrifying, with hordes of enemies and incredible textures lining their walls. They’ve even got dragons flying around the world dropping explosive fireballs willy-nilly to kill you and scorch the earth itself. This is one of those moments that really show off just how great Minecraft mods are, and we can’t wait to see what comes next in the world of Minecraft Elden Ring crossovers, or perhaps even Elden Ring Minecraft crossovers via Elden Ring mods.

In the more traditional news, we’ve just seen the release of another Minecraft snapshot that introduces a game-changing item in the form of the Recovery Compass.

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