Mirage: Arcane Warfare beta gets nine new maps, plus character customization

Mirage Arcane Warfare Torn Banner Studios Beta New Maps

Torn Banner Studios have already proven that they know how to put together a solid first-person melee-focused FPS with the excellent Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. So it’s pleasing to be able to announce that their latest title and spiritual successor to Chivalry, Mirage: Arcane Warfare, just got an enormous nine new maps added to its closed beta.

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If you’re out of the loop on Mirage, I highly recommend checking out this run-down of what it’s all about. The magic ‘n melee multiplayer combat game is already shaping up to be a pretty unique experience, with chubby carpet-riding wizards flying into battle against mace-wielding bull-men. All of this plays out against a backdrop of surreal Arabian-esque maps, containing a plethora of game modes, such as capture point, deathmatch and payload. A selection of the new maps include:

Academy appears to be some sort of ornate academic establishment.

Bridge looks to be several interconnected bridges, forming a nice tangle of choke points.

Rock Bottom seems to be some kind of mining village which just oozes atmosphere.

The patch also adds a series of gameplay tweaks and improvements implemented by the team based on feedback from current beta testers, as well as adding a pretty hefty character customization system. In addition, there has also been a full refresh of the game’s maps, removing the current line-up and installing a new playlist of levels.

Mirage: Arcane Warfare officially launches on May 23, but you can get into the beta right now by pre-ordering it on Steam for $29.99/£22.99