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PC gamers in China are getting free porn games to encourage them to stay inside

One of Steam’s most popular porn devs is offering a big giveaway

As the outbreak of a new coronavirus in China continues to make headlines, residents in affected areas have been advised to avoid travel, avoid contact with others, and stay home. If there’s one thing that can encourage videogame fans to stay inside, it’s pornography, so one Steam developer is giving away its racy, flagship title to Chinese players.

In a post titled ‘Wuhan, We’re With You,’ Mirror developer Kagami Works says “the year has just started and we’re all facing challenging situations. To avoid the nCov, it’s better to stay at home. So we decide to give away 45,000 copies of Mirror to keep you company. Please accept our gift and stay strong!”

Players in mainland China can head to a key giveaway site, link up their phone numbers to confirm their locations, and get a free copy of Mirror to, uh, enjoy. Mirror launched in 2018, and was the second-best title of the year according to Steam reviews, so if you’re looking for hentai, you’ve got worse options.

You can get the details on Steam, though here’s your obvious warning that this link will definitely lead you to NSFW places. All irony aside, it’s little surprise to see porn come up as a massive swath of people look for distraction during an immensely stressful situation.