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Explore Mirror’s Edge Catalyst when it launches in February

Mirror's Edge Catalyst

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst only got given a name last week, but here we are, gobbling up the E3 trailer. Contained within is the familiar, like protagonist Faith, a seemingly gorgeous city run by foul corporations and, of course, parkour; there’s new stuff too, like a man who fancies pigeons and what looks like no-guns combat. 

Soak it in below. 

The whole thing is being billed as Faith’s origin story, not a sequel, and both EA and DICE are really cramming the whole “Mirror’s Edge for a new generation” thing down our throats. Mirror’s Edge came out six years ago, guys, take it easy.

Levels are gone, which is nice, leaving players to explore the city how they like, without load screens. Open worlds aren’t always necessary, but a game like Mirror’s Edge, with it’s striking city to explore, begs to be opened up.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is due out in February, 2016.