Mirror’s Edge Catalyst launch trailer reassures us it’s a game about running

Mirror's Edge Catalyst launch trailer

There’s a new Mirror’s Edge game out in just a few weeks, on June 7, because this continues to be the best year for games in at least a decade. The launch trailer manages to avoid standard practice of showing us the entire plot, but it does have quite a lot of Faith doing what she does best – running, jumping, balancing and the odd bit of walking slowly. Plus: that dude who looks straight out of Uncharted.

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Don’t know who I mean? You’ll see:

Not a lot of info on how it will play, but gosh it looks pretty. I’m assuming those various gameplay-like shots are actually that, and not pre-rendered, making that one very nice looking videogame. The last Xbox-centric title to come our way, Quantum Break, had similarly gorgeous effects, even if the port was middling.

Last month’s Mirror’s Edge Catalyst beta, however, indicates we should do a bit better this time. Fraser absolutely loved it, saying that it left him breathless and showed that the series should have been this open from the start. Hopefully the narrative, which does look a little cliché to say the least, doesn’t get in the way too often.

June 7 is go day. Are you looking forward to it? Let us know in the comments.