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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst trailer shows off the city at night

Mirror's Edge Catalyst night

One thing we can all agree on: Mirror’s Edge is an exceptionally pretty game. Whatever else you may think of it, those shining white buildings and super-stylised levels stick in the memory, whether you’ve played five minutes or five thousand. Until today’s trailer for the prequel/reboot Catalyst, I hadn’t realised we’d never seen it at night before.

There are so many great looking upcoming PC games, we can barely keep track.

The ‘City and Narrative’ development diary also dives into Faith, how she’s presented, and the state she starts the game in.

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Hah, edgy look - gettit?

Moving on, gosh it looks lovely. They’ve built well off the near-future setting in the original game, managing to expand upon it without losing that hint of totalitarian realism. This trailer, at least, would suggest DICE have also kept a consistent theme throughout while diversifying the locations. Going back to the day/night cycle, it being actually dynamic means we’ll get to see a sunset - I think I see a new desktop wallpaper on the horizon if that’s even half as good as I’m imagining.

Catalyst’s coming out in a couple of months right at the end of May, 24th in the US and 27th elsewhere. After all the release date shenanigans, it’s still managed to land on the same date as Total War: Warhammer and Overwatch - bit difficult not to clash with something in this, the best year in videogames. Which of those three are you most likely to pick up on day one?

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AnAuldWolf avatar
AnAuldWolf Avatar
2 Years ago

I'm cautiously excited for this. I'm uncertain about their open world route as their tightly focused levels worked really well, and I'm a little worried that they seem to have doubled down on their combat focus despite being told by a fairly unified voice that the combat of Mirror's Edge was the worst part and should be dropped entirely in favour of just running.

I think this is what made that recent Amazing Spider-Man game so good (the first one, not the second one, which wasn't nearly as great). It was more of a parkour experience. I felt the same way about Saints Row IV. And to a degree, even Xenoblade X on the Wii U as I get to run and jump over all the things.

I will admit here that one of the driving impulses I have in a video game is to get to a tall place and look out upon everything before leaping off. I think that through some bizarre happenstance of evolution I've acquired some lemming and cat DNA along the way. (The opposite of how that actually works, of course, but no less amusing for me to posit.)

This is why I had a love/hate relationship with Assassin's Creed. I liked the first one. I felt that too much guff got in the way of the second and the sights weren't nearly as interesting, and then so many games from that point on were just repeating the formula. I had a nose at the third and it wasn't to my taste as the land and towns felt flat and uninteresting.

The fourth caught my eye. Beautiful desert islands with eye-catching vistas! A ship to sail wherever I bloody please. And a Welsh captain to boot. Couldn't have asked for more than that. Well, I could have. I'd have loved for the Welsh Captain to sound more like Ni no Kuni's Drippy. I can dream, can't I?

And then the games following the fourth didn't do much to inspire me, either. I don't hate Assassin's Creed, it just feels like a bit of a crime that so many of its titles are uninspired and creatively dead. At least, to me. I think that if you're more aligned with the stabby-stabby gameplay, you'd find much more to love. That's not what I played them for, though, so the parts that I actually liked were most present in the first and fourth games. The second does get a passing mention, but it wasn't nearly quite as exotic and fantastic as the first.

Mirror's Edge, though? It was quite fantastic, what with its overly white City of the Future™, being the cleanest fascist dystopia I've ever witnessed.

I just hope they don't pull an Assassin's Creed with it, I think. That is the concern.