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See a Mirror’s Edge map painstakingly recreated in Call of Duty 4

Mirror's COD

It’s always impressive when people take scenes from one game and plonk them into another, accurately recreating them in a completely different game engine, and this Mirror’s Edge map in Call of Duty 4 is one of the best I’ve seen.

It’s not quite as nice as Mirror’s Edge Catalyst’s sprawling metropis, admittedly, but that’s not even out yet. See that and more in our list of upcoming PC games.

Created by a YouTuber called ‘SuX Lolz :]‘ (yes), this COD 4 Mirror’s Edge map is the product of three month’s work. It’s currently unfinished, but you wouldn’t know it from its video preview.

Once it’s done, the map will contain four secrets, five rooms, and will allow you to explore both the streets and the rooftops. It even has a day/night cycle. Have a look:

The modder is planning to add the map to Black Ops 3 if the tools are released.