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Skyrim meets Rimworld in new fantasy life sim you can try right now

Mirthwood blends the life sim elements of Rimworld and Stardew Valley with the fantasy choice making of Skyrim, and you can try it now.

Skyrim meets Rimworld in new fantasy life sim you can try right now: A red haired man in medieval clothes, from Mirthwood.

Mirthwood looks like it could be the next big hit on Steam. Inspired as much by life sims like Rimworld, Stardew Valley, and The Sims as it is fantasy RPG games like Skyrim and Fable, the debut project from Bad Ridge Games seems to offer a lot of what audiences like most right now: crafting, building, exploration, combat, and character based choices, all presented in a pleasant, immediately attractive visual style. Now, with today’s news that Mirthwood has just launched its first demo on Steam, players are finally able to get their hands on the project for the first time and see how its many systems work for themselves.

Mirthwood is an extremely open ended life sim game that lets players live a fictional medieval life by constructing and managing a farm, fighting enemies, exploring an open world, forming relationships with NPCs, and improving skills that modify their character’s attributes. There are quests to complete, challenges to overcome, and a heavily detailed cast of characters, all set on fulfilling their own life goals, to meet.

Along with the launch of its first demo, Bad Ridge Games has described more of what players can expect from the final game. Among the features that will appear in Mirthwood is a narrative director called a ‘Storyteller’ that, per a press release, “[generates] in-game events as you play, from heatwaves in summer to travelling merchants.” These Storytellers alter the game’s difficulty level and are meant to make each playthrough feel very different from another.

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Mirthwood is planned to launch sometime this summer. You can check it out now, though, by downloading its first demo on Steam right here.

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