Mojang’s Scrolls officially enters closed alpha


Mojang’s Scrolls has officially entered closed alpha testing. In true Willy Wonka style however, only a “modest number” of applicants will be invited into the alpha at first, with increasing numbers of codes being sent out over time. If you haven’t already applied though, you’re bang outta luck. Mojang have closed registration until such time as the open beta launches, which is ages away. Such teases.

Currently missing from the alpha is the larger chunk of the game’s extensive single-player adventure mode. Though you’ll be able to take on individual AI opponents at three difficulty settings, you’ll be unable to explore the game world or battle boss characters.

Multiplayer is more full-featured on the other hand, with a chat lobby and the option to queue to battle against random opponents. Across both modes players will have access to the game’s Deck Builder, as well as three of every scroll in the game. The alpha is seemingly less about collecting scrolls than it is discovering whatever inherent balancing issues undoubtedly lie within the effectively infinite number of deck permutations.

Mojang announced initial Scroll’s release plans a week ago, though the latest post on the Scrolls blog now gives a more detailed view of the alpha version’s contents. They’ve also launched an official Scrolls fan community to collate alpha feedback and presumably have late night sexy Scrolls chat-parties.

Go take a look, and maybe paw at the screen longingly if you forgot to apply for a golden ticket.

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