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All Monopoly Go President’s Trail rewards and milestones

Make sure you get involved in the Monopoly Go President’s Trail to bag yourself some top rewards and as many dice rolls as you can handle.

What are the Monopoly Go President’s Trail rewards? The newest Monopoly Go event is a fairly simple one but should give you plenty of scope to earn rewards like Peg-e Tokens, Dice Frenzy, and of course, dice rolls. No Prize Drop machine this time around, but it means that the rewards are clear, and you know what you’re playing for.

If you’re new to all things Monopoly Go, make sure you take our Monopoly Go events page a look so you can learn about all the goings on, both past and present. There’s a pattern to these events, so learning them can help you with knowing when to spend your spins. To get the most out of these events, check out our Monopoly Go dice links, where you can gain access to a ton of free spins. We also have the best online board games if you want something slightly different to play.

Monopoly Go President’s Trail rewards

Milestone Points Reward
1 5 Cash
2 10 15 dice rolls
3 10 5 Peg-e tokens
4 10 Sticker Pack green (1 star x2)
5 60 100 dice rolls
6 15 8 Peg-e tokens
7 20 Cash
8 25 10 minutes Cash Boost
9 20 12 Peg-e tokens
10 150 225 dice rolls
11 25 Cash
12 30 Sticker Pack green (1 star x2)
13 40 Cash
14 45 15 Peg-e tokens
15 400 500 dice rolls
16 45 Sticker Pack yellow (2 stars x3)
17 50 Cash
18 55 25 Peg-e tokens
19 60 Cash
20 800 850 dice rolls
21 60 40 Peg-e tokens
22 65 Sticker Pack red (3 stars x3)
23 70 70 dice rolls
24 80 Cash
25 1200 1100 dice rolls
26 90 10 minutes Dice Frenzy
27 100 Sticker Pack blue (4 stars x4)
28 115 60 Peg-e tokens
29 140 140 dice rolls
30 1000 Cash
31 200 Sticker Pack blue (4 stars x4)
32 250 200 dice rolls
33 300 Cash
34 350 70 Peg-e tokens
35 1600 1400 dice rolls
36 500 5 minutes Cash Drop
37 550 Sticker Pack pink (5 stars x6)
38 700 Cash
39 800 80 Peg-e tokens
40 2500 2000 dice rolls
41 900 15 minutes Dice Frenzy
42 950 Cash
43 1000 100 Peg-e tokens
44 1100 600 dice rolls
45 2000 Cash
46 1100 130 Peg-e tokens
47 1200 Cash
48 1300 Sticker Pack pink (5 stars x5)
49 1400 Cash
50 6200 6000 dice rolls

Monopoly Go President's Trail event: an old timey rich man, complete with monocle and a cute dog.

How to play Monopoly Go President’s Trail

If you see the President’s Trail banner at the top of your Monopoly Go screen, then good news! You’re able to take part in the event. To earn rewards in Monopoly Go President’s Trail, you should be aiming to land on Star Tokens, collecting them in the process and working your way up the rewards table.

When does the Monopoly Go President’s Trail event end?

The Monopoly Go President’s Trail event is set to end on February 21 at 7AM PT / 10AM ET / 3PM GMT. The next event should begin soon after this one ends.

How to earn more Monopoly Go President’s Trail points

You can rack up rewards faster in the Monopoly Go President’s Trail event by increasing your roll multiplier. Not only do roll multipliers increase the rewards from the tiles you manage to land on, but they also multiply the points you earn toward the event.

To begin a roll multiplier, simply tap the icon in the top right corner of the roll button. If you manage to begin a High Roller event, your multiplier will be increased again, earning you an unfathomable amount of Monopoly Go President’s Trail event rewards.

That’s everything you need to know about the Monopoly Go President’s Trail event. If you get done vacuuming in rewards from this event, why not give our best free PC games list a look, there are a ton of excellent gaming experiences all for the equally excellent prize of zero dollars.