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All Monopoly Go Twinkle Tree rewards

The Monopoly Go Twinkle Tree event is now underway, and with it comes rewards, prizes, and milestones to reach in the online board game.

December 22, 2023: The Monopoly Go Twinkle Tree event ends in just two short days, December 24, so be sure to grab as many of its rewards as you can before they’re gone for good.

What are the Monopoly Go Twinkle Tree rewards? This festive-themed event is only on for a limited time in Monopoly Go, but it comes with a whole host of rewards and prizes that’ll help your time spent circuiting the board go by with greater ease.

We’ve played through the Monopoly Go Twinkle Tree event faster than you’d believe thanks to our list of Monopoly Go dice links. With that, here are all of the rewards you’ll win in the online board game‘s Twinkle Tree event, and how to earn them.

Monopoly Go Twinkle Tree rewards

Here are all of the Monopoly Go Twinkle Tree rewards:

Milestone Points Reward
1 30 Sticker pack
2 40 25 dice
3 45 Cash
4 175 115 dice
5 50 10-minute cash grab
6 55 Sticker pack
7 65 Cash
8 400 230 dice
9 70 Cash
10 90 Sticker pack
11 100 Cash
12 750 375 dice
13 125 Cash
14 150 Sticker pack
15 175 Cash
16 1200 550 dice
17 175 Cash
18 180 Sticker pack
19 200 80 dice
20 1500 Holiday tree token
21 220 100 dice
22 375 5-minute cash boost
23 300 Cash
24 2500 1000 dice
25 400 Cash
26 650 Sticker pack
27 800 Cash
28 4000 1500 dice
29 1000 Cash
30 1500 Sticker pack
31 1700 Cash
32 8000 2850 dice
33 2000 20-minute high roller
34 2200 Cash
35 2400 Sticker pack
36 2800 800 dice
37 7000 Cash
38 3000 900 dice
39 4000 Sticker pack
40 5000 Cash
41 17000 7500 dice, sticker pack

In total, you can earn 16,025 free dice rolls from completing the whole of Monopoly Go Twinkle Tree!

The Monopoly Go Twinkle Tree event screen

How to play Monopoly Go Twinkle Tree

The Monopoly Go Twinkle Tree event will trigger automatically when you open the game while the event is active. You’ll be tasked with landing on Chance, Community Chest, or Railroad tiles to add two, three, or five baubles respectfully to your total. Rolling with a multiplier increases the amount of baubles added to your points total, for example, landing on a Railroad tile with a x20 multiplier would grant you 100 points, or baubles. As these tiles are regularly spaced out around the board there’s a good chance you’ll land on one sooner or later, to add those precious baubles to your pot. Every time you reach a milestone outlined in our table above, the relevant rewards will be applied to your account.

When does the Monopoly Go Twinkle Tree event end?

The Monopoly Go Twinkle Tree event ends on December 24 at 7AM PT / 10AM ET / 3PM GMT.

The event started on December 20, making it four days long and one of the longest Monopoly Go events to appear in the game so far.

How to get more Monopoly Go Twinkle Tree points

You can get more Monopoly Go Twinkle Tree points, or baubles, by increasing your dice multiplier if you feel you’ll land on one of the qualifying tiles in your next roll. Alongside that, make sure to check our list of free Monopoly Go dice links and we update it daily, and you can almost infinitely roll with our help.

That’s the full list of rewards and milestones in the Twinkle Tree event. As it’s only on for a limited time, you’ll want to dive into the online board game right away. If that’s not enough for you, we’ve got all of the best free PC games that you can get your hands on right now. Don’t forget that the Monopoly Go Jingle Jam is running alongside Twinkle Tree, so check out our guide on how to maximize your rewards there, too.