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Here’s 23 minutes of Monster Hunter: World gameplay, with cooking and terrain destruction


It’s Tokyo Game Show this week, which means new trailers and gameplay footage for a host of upcoming games. It’s been a big show for Capcom’s Monster Hunter: World, which has got a new trailer, a cameo in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, and now, more than 20 minutes of new gameplay footage.

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Monster Hunter: World marks the PC debut of the long-running action RPG franchise, so here’s your chance to see how it plays and decide if you’re tempted.

We start off in camp, with a look at the meal-cooking and equipment systems. Wielding a customarily ludicrous sword – this is a Japanese RPG after all – we fast travel to another camp via pteradactyl, or something similar. Later on there’s some party-based combat against several giant monsters, one of which actually destroys some terrain when it crashes into it, which is pretty cool. We hear you’ll be able to manipulate the terrain in all sorts of creative ways this time round.

Monster Hunter: World casts you as a hunter on a research expedition to an unexplored land, which is a great excuse for Capcom to come up with a whole raft of the imaginatively designed creatures that are the franchise’s staple feature. This is one to watch if you like challenging boss battles in a fantasy RPG setting.