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Monster Hunter: World story trailer shows lava sharks and Mega Man

monster hunter world mega man

Monster Hunter: World already has some announced crossovers in store, and the PlayStation 4 edition of the game will include Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn. But Capcom are also doing a bit of an internal crossover, allowing you to dress up your Palico as Mega Man. Not just any blue bomber, either – an adorably out of place mass of three-dimensional pixels based on the NES sprite.

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It seems he’ll function pretty much as a costume, doing all the support stuff you’d expect from a loyal Palico. The Mega Man influence continues to an assortment of weapons that apparently blast NES Mega Man tracks as you’re fighting with them, for those days when you need to combine the graphics of 2017 with the soundtrack of 1987.

The new trailer isn’t all cheeky crossovers, since it shows a good bit of story development, the characters you’ll encounter, and of course a menagerie of monsters to hunt.

If you’ve got a PlayStation 4 on hand, it’s worth noting that the beta for Monster Hunter: World will be running this weekend for PS+ subscribers, offering a taste of the game on that platform. PC players won’t be enjoying that preview, and the computer version of the game will be somewhat delayed behind its console counterparts.