Monster Hunter: World’s December beta is a PlayStation exclusive

Monster Hunter World

The Monster Hunter series is best known for letting you hunt monsters, but let’s look at a new twist – what if the monsters hunted each other, too? We see a lot of that in the latest Monster Hunter: World trailer, which shows off the new Rotten Vale area.

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That horrible name is pretty appropriate, since the Vale is filled with the carcasses of deceased monsters, and descending through the locale means delving into ever more toxic mists. The big baddie shown off here is the Radobbaan, a rather large foe that wears dead bodies for armor and will challenge to shear off those bones to get at the week points.

Unfortunately, it’s not all good news for PC players. The game’s December 9 beta will be a PlayStation exclusive, and there’s no change to the news that the PC version will miss the console editions’ worldwide launch on January 26. We’ll also miss out on that sweet Horizon Zero Dawn crossover, but that’s to be expected.