Here’s new Monster Hunter: World footage, with new weapon trailers “in the coming days”

Monster Hunter World

Fresh from San Diego Comic-Con, we’ve got some brand new Monster Hunter: World gameplay. It has been recorded off-screen by someone in the audience, so you’re not getting any crisp, high-definition video, but it does show off some weapons we hadn’t previously seen in action like this – notably the long sword and gunlance.

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You can watch the short video above, which also has a little commentary off-camera. It shows more of how the player can use the environment to do jumping and mounting attacks – the hunter styles and arts aren’t coming back from Monster Hunter Generations, but there’s definitely an influence from the aerial style here.

This was posted to the Monster Hunter subreddit, where the poster, shockwave1211, says Capcom also confirmed at SDCC that they’d be releasing 14 videos for each weapon type “in the coming days.” Hopefully, we’ll also get a higher quality version of that SDCC trailer too!

Crimtex over on the Monster Hunter subreddit also posted a quick roundup, but apparently there wasn’t a whole lot to be announced. The game will be at Gamescom next month, though, so expect more info and teasers there.