Monstrum 2 is like Dead by Daylight, but it’s prisoners versus “oceanic monstrosities”

The survival-horror game is slated for a Fall 2020 early access release

Indie developer Junkfish has just unveiled a sequel to its 2015 horror-survival title Monstrum, which this time puts players in the shoes of a band of stranded prisoners and “oceanic monstrosities”, and then pits them against each other. With asymmetric 4v1 gameplay, stealth elements, and some “terrifying” baddies to best, the upcoming horror game’s kind of like Dead by Daylight, but set in an “abandoned sea fortress” – and closed beta sign-ups are now live.

As announced in a press release, Monstrum 2 combines “first-person stealth gameplay with extensive, procedurally generated environments that keeps each playthrough dynamic”, letting you take on the role of one of four stranded prisoners in a team or “stalk the abandoned oceanic research facility as one of several terrifying monsters with different abilities.” Eek.

If you’re in the survival game’s group of escaped inmates, you’ll have to work together to solve puzzles, clear obstacles, and unlock some new areas, making sure you “stay stealthy” – that is, use hiding spots and distracting techniques – to stay alive and escape.

Play one of Monstrum 2’s “diverse range of genetically modified monstrosities” and you’ll have to use their own special abilities to “smash, climb, trap, teleport” and the environments around you to outwit the humans, and put a stop to their escape attempts.

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To add extra challenge, the game’s got procedurally generated elements, randomising the layout of the map, as well as its puzzles, items, and obstacles, every match. Gulp.

Monstrum 2 is currently slated for a fall 2020 early access release (on Steam and Windows, according to the game’s site), but you can sign up for the chance to join its closed beta now right here. It’s also now up for pre-order at a discounted price, and pre-purchasing will give you access to bonus content as well as early access to the game.