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Prince of Persia meets Cyberpunk 2077 in new action platformer

Moon Samurai is an action-packed sci-fi game that has you flipping and fighting through a lunar city, and it's just launched on Kickstarter.

Prince of Persia meets Cyberpunk 2077 in new action platformer: The player character from Moon Samurai looks over his shoulder at you, in the background a bank of blue cyberpunk computers illuminate the world in a neon hue.

I don’t know about you, but when I wake up in the morning I need a few moments, at least, before I get going. That’s unfortunately not an indulgence Moon Samurai protagonist Buddy has the luxury of receiving. As soon as he smashes out of his detention-tube he has to hit the ground running with hordes of burly foes to carve up and a whole city to save. There’s no chance to pour a steaming hot cup of joe for this recently imprisoned boy – he’ll just have to pour his enemies a steaming hot cup of pain instead.

Set in the year 2080, Moon Samurai is an upcoming action-adventure game that unites main character Buddy with an AI named DANAO_X in a violent quest to save their city. Inspired by some of the all-time great action platformers like Prince of Persia, Flashback, and Streets of Rage, developer Nunchaku Games has just launched a Kickstarter campaign asking for a little help in getting the game ready for its 2025 release.

Under the brutal thumb of a totalitarian regime and with the threat of the moon being annihilated, Buddy sets off to kick, punch, stab, and use whatever he can get his hands on to save the day. The combat in Moon Samurai draws heavy inspiration from real-life martial arts, with multiple options available to you when you tackle combat scenarios. Similar to many ’80s and ’90s action films, Buddy is able to grab whatever item is lying around and turn it into a deadly weapon. Of course, there are also plenty of actual weapons you can find to aid your rampage including an energy katana, naturally.

In Moon Samurai protagonist Buddy faces off in a dirty corridor against some nameless mooks, slicing them up and electrocuting them.

Although it’s something you can indulge in, liberally, Moon Samurai isn’t just about bashing enemies in the head with a chair – there’s plenty to explore, too. The lunar metropolis of RAM City promises to be packed full of secrets and puzzles to solve, giving a little breathing time between each combat encounter. Then it’s back into the melee to splash the richly decorated arenas with your enemy’s blood, painting the neon world in crimson.

This ties into what’s the biggest draw, at least for me. RAM City looks absolutely stunning, with vibrant cyberpunk lights flickering across huge sci-fi vistas contrasting with gritty Oldboy-esque hallways. If you’ve ever wandered through Cyberpunk 2077’s Night City you’ll be right at home in Moon Samurai’s mix of dilapidated lower-class areas coexisting with shining futuristic tower playgrounds for the rich.

This hand-drawn art style also works to bring the game’s characters to life, with each enemy flipping around flourishing weapons and Buddy himself slicing and striking with smooth, impactful attacks. Everyone you meet is animated with a heft and near-rotoscoped vitality reminiscent of the original Prince of Persia. It’s an absolute visual feast and one I’m looking forward to gorging myself on.

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Should you want to throw some coins into Moon Samurai’s development pot, you can also check out the game’s Kickstarter campaign ahead of its scheduled launch in late 2025.

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