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Spooky Stardew Valley sim gets new demo, playable now

Moonlight Peaks is home to werewolves, vampires, mermaids, and other creatures of myth and lore, and it has a new demo that's available now.

a moonlight peaks vampire character stood between a wreath, veggies and fruit trees are all around

Moonlight Peaks has got a fresh new demo for you to try, alongside a launch year and new publisher. While this supernatural life simulator will look familiar to fans of Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley, this game features a vampire protagonist who can turn into a bat to fly around town to better water crops and romance mystical villagers. In those other games you just play as a regular old human.

The upcoming life game will be set in the titular town of Moonlight Peaks, filled with werewolves, mermaids, vampires, and more. You play as an heir to Count Dracula, trying to prove to him that even the undead can live a little. You’ll be able to design your own vampire lair and manage a supernatural farm. Grow plants to use as ingredients in your potions and learn some witchcraft while you’re at it.

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XSEED Games will be handling publishing in North America, and executive vice president Kenji Hosoi said, “Moonlight Peaks is a supernatural fit given our deep experience with the farming/life sim genre.”

XSEED parent company Marvelous Inc is responsible for other farming and life sims like Story of Seasons and the Rune Factory series. The game is set to be published by Marvelous Europe in Europe and Australia in 2026, with the North American release planned to come out at the same time.

With Nintendo’s 3DS online support now ended, Moonlight Peaks looks like the perfect PC game for Animal Crossing fans who want something with a little more bite and longevity. You can download the new, free demo for Moonlight Peaks on Steam.

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