Moonlighter is Zelda if Link ran a general store


11 Bit Studios and Digital Sun have announced their charming action RPG Moonlighter will release at the end of next month.

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In Moonlighter you play as Will, a shopkeeper who secretly dreams of becoming a hero. During the day you run your general store – dealing with customers, adjusting prices, and upgrading the shop – but under the moonlight you become a badass dungeon crawler – slaying beasts, gathering loot, and opening gates to different worlds.

As you become a more established member of the community, you will begin to understand your customers’ needs better which means they will offer handsome rewards for gathering special items. Luckily, you’re a secret adventurer and can make a B-line for these items on your travels, selling the items in your shop, and using the rewards to progress further in your exploration of various realms.

Moonlighter aims to let you experience “both sides of the coin” – a shop simulator and an action RPG with rogue elements. Imagine if Link in Legend of Zelda ran a general store – it’s a bit like that.

Moonlighter is due for release on May 29.