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Morphies Law is a shooter where headshots turn you into a literal bighead

Morphies Law

Remember Big Head Mode in ‘90s-era shooters? Well, the “robot morphology” shooter Morphies Law turns that joke into one of its core mechanics.

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In Morphies Law, shooting an opponent causes you to steal some of their body mass. So, say if you’re a sniper who keeps landing headshots, your head will grow bigger and bigger for every headshot you land. You keep shooting people in the legs? Your legs will keep growing longer. Not only does this force players to change their tactics based on how well they’re doing, it gives those at the bottom of the leaderboard an advantage as their lack of body mass makes them a smaller target.

These body changes also affect how you move around the map, with longer legs letting you jump higher, while a larger bum gives you additional use of your butt rocket. That’s right – instead of a jetpack, Morphies Law has players boosting around the map via a thruster in their badonkadonk.

Rather than competing to get the most kills, the outcome of your average Morphies Law match is decided by the size of your team’s giant robot avatar compared to your opponent’s. It grows based on the combined body mass of your team, meaning you can implement specific tactics to make your robot grow larger. You could all aim your opponent’s extremities, turning your avatar into a lanky automaton. Friendly fire also works differently, allowing opponents to distribute body mass among themselves to enact a specific strategy.

While it looks janky at first, Morphies Law is offering a fresh take on the team-based shooter. Plus, I can imagine high-level matches will look hilarious – seeing these bobbleheads robots with giant legs bunny hopping around the map. Morphies Law is launching on the Nintendo Switch this winter, with it coming to the PC a short while after.