OpenMW is a fan-made project to crack into the Morrowind engine

The Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind

Development on OpenMW, a fan-project designed to extend the engine that runs 2002’s Elder Scrolls Morrowind, is continuing, with its next iteration, 0.43, apparently not too far away.

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In an update post published on October 10 the team, who have been working on OpenMW since August 2011, welcomed some new developers, and introduced some new features that have been added to the engine recently.

Those range from quality-of-life changes to change shadows, fix bugs, and improve water and weather effects, to bigger features, including a revamped pickpocketing system, and a third-person view.

If you’re not aware of OpenMW, by the time it releases, the team behind hope it’ll be “a full-featured implementation of the Morrowind engine,” via which players will be able to make their own games without encroaching on Bethesda’s intellectual property. As I mentioned earlier, it’s been in development for more than six years, and we could still be a decent way off a full 1.0 release yet – the current version of the project is 0.42. You can find out more about OpenMW here.