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This mostly pacifist, mostly naked playthrough of Dark Souls 2 took just over 20 minutes

Who needs armour when you have no intention of fighting?

I’ve played Dark Souls 2 for close to 20 hours now; Fraser’s Dark Souls 2 review was spot on. I’ve only seen five or six of its environments, but the blind corners and broken bridges of each have been burned forever into my memory.

That’s probably a familiar experience to most of you. You might have a harder time relating to the man in a loincloth legging it through Drangleic in a little over 20 minutes.

No armour playthroughs of Dark Souls are nothing new – in a game where high-level play is all about being somewhere else when the next hit lands, the scope for mistakes granted by thick armour begins to feel like cheating.

YouTuber Distortion2 hasn’t forgone clothing out of pride, however – it’s simply a luxury he doesn’t have the seconds to spare for.

Bewarned: inevitable late-game area spoilers abound.

It’s not exactly what you’d call a legit playthrough – instead relying on the glitches and shortcuts that are a speedrunner’s second language. In one moment, Distortion runs headlong into bushes at just the right angle to fling himself impossibly into the next area. Throughout, he uses the in-game binoculars to run about the world at breakneck pace.

For his next trick, Distortion intends to break the 20 minute mark.

It’s hard to deny the sheer amount of work on show, isn’t it? It surely involved as much memorisation and trial and error to complete as the game proper.

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