MotoGP 17 will have a managerial career mode for those budding pitstop purveyors

MotoGP 17 Managerial Career Mode Milestone Motorcycle

Any petrolheads out there of the motorsport variety will know that, while it takes great skill to rip around a racetrack at over 100mph, none of that would be possible without the co-ordination of the managerial team. Races are won from behind the pit wall and that is the exact ethos being displayed by developers Milestone with their announcement of the new the managerial career mode for MotoGP 17.

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The new mode tasks players with leading every aspect of the team, features include:

  • Sponsors: as the reputation of your team grows victory after victory, you will be able to increase your visibility and receive offers from the Championship’s official sponsors.
  • Bikes: the more popular your team becomes, the greater your selection will be.
  • Riders: create a custom rider and then hire another 5 riders who will compete in all the categories, guided by the AI.
  • Team Departments: the team consists of more than 10 departments (Nutritionists, Athletic Preparation Team, Sports Management, etc.) and with careful management, players can win the World Championship in three different classes.
  • R&D Department: invest in the R&D department so as to always guarantee not only the best bikes but also the best components for an easy victory.

MotoGP launches June 15. You can keep up to date over at the official Steam page, although pre-orders are not available at the time of writing.