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Cuphead style throwback shooter gets eye popping new gameplay trailer

Mouse blends Cuphead's retro cartoon visuals with Doom's shooting and BioShock's atmosphere in a newly unveiled gameplay trailer.

Cuphead style throwback FPS game gets new gameplay trailer: A cartoon mouse with a cigar looks surprised while holding a tommy gun, from Mouse.

Mouse, an upcoming FPS game, immediately caught our attention with its retro, black and white cartoon visuals and Doom and BioShock style shooting when it was first announced last year. Since then, though, its creators at Fumi Games have been heads down on the project, meaning we haven’t had many updates on its progress. That’s changed today, thanks to a new trailer that gives a better look at exactly what to expect from Mouse when it finally arrives.

As with everything we’ve seen of Mouse so far, the FPS game remains incredibly striking in its homage to both 1930s cartoons and the era’s noir films. Its gameplay trailer sheds a bit more light on other aspects of Mouse, though. In it, we’re shown the main character, a private detective, navigate levels filled with his mobster enemies by swinging around on a grappling hook and hovering in the air with a helicopter attachment.

Unsurprisingly, just like a popular cartoon sailor man, Mouse’s hardboiled protagonist will be able to get a combat boost when chowing down on spinach. Spike-D Spinach, described as including “a special, secret ingredient,” is a power up from the game, shown off in the trailer’s intro, that enables hand to hand fighting by causing the detective to grow bulging muscles.

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Mouse is set to launch in 2025. You can check out more of the game on its Steam page in the meantime by clicking right here.

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