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MSI goes toe-to-toe with Elgato at CES 2024 with its new gaming pedal

The MSI Liberator GP12 foot pedal aims to keep you on your toes, with three foot-activated buttons to use while gaming or streaming.

The MSI Liberator GP12 foot pedal

Much as the Consumer Electronics Show is characterized by the latest innovations in tech, it’s also a space for offbeat devices, and the MSI Liberator GP12 proves that CES 2024 is no different. Taking on the likes of the Elgato Stream Deck Pedal, this peripheral has set its sights on gamers and streamers alike.

For those with the best gaming keyboard and mouse already at their fingertips, peripherals such as this MSI foot pedal provide additional ways to engage with games and your PC more generally. Whether you use a pedal as a convenient push-to-talk key, or as a quick way to clip a clutch moment, they save your hands and fingers from potential distraction.

We caught the Liberator GP12 as we scoped out MSI’s CES 2024 showcase. It features three buttons, each just a tap of a foot away, which can be assigned to whatever function you see fit. Swappable magnetic key caps also make it more accommodating to your foot size, be you bigfoot or otherwise.

Up to four Liberator GP12 foot pedals can be linked together, but we can’t imagine most people needing more than two. Naturally, as is practically a given for all gaming gadgets, it also features ARGB lighting, which is controlled via the MSI Center application.

Personally, I’d love to go hands-on, or perhaps feet-on, with the Liberator GP12. If nothing else, having an Arc Reactor-style footrest in my setup is certainly a prospect I could entertain.

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