MSI ditches RGB for its Nvidia GeForce RTX 4060 GPUs

MSI has forgone RGB lighting strips for its new family of custom Nvidia GeForce RTX 4060 cards, which opt for a minimal black look instead.

An image of the MSI RTX 4060 Gaming X GPU and its box art, on an orange background.

As the Nvidia RTX 4060 release date gets closer and closer, many brands are on the lookout to release their custom models as soon as possible. MSI has already beaten many of its competitors to the punch, unveiling its new RTX 4060 graphics card series, all of which abandon the RGB lighting for a more minimal look.

The new custom GeForce RTX 4060 cards from MSI consist of four different models: the RTX 4060 Gaming X 8GB, RTX 4060 Gaming 8GB, the RTX 4060 Ventus 2X Black 8GB OC and RTX 4060 Ventus 2X Black 8GB.

The Gaming series of cards use dual-fan technology and allow for boost clock speeds of up to 2,595MHz for the ‘Gaming X’ version, and 2,460 for the ‘Gaming’ model. While its Ventus 2X series counterparts are smaller, they have boost clock speeds of 2,475MHz, and 2,505MHz for the OC.

Nearly every aspect of my own setup has RGB lighting of some kind, even my motherboard has an RGB strip. While I like having as many rainbows in my life as possible, I can see why MSI’s decision to ditch the RGB may be attractive to those looking for a sleeker and more simplified looking setup.

It won’t be long until we see if the RTX 4060 joins the ranks of the best graphics cards you can buy today, possibly even beating out the RTX 4060 Ti as the better option for budget buyers.