Steam battle royale rereleases coveted skins, gains 50,000 players

If you've been waiting for the iconic Bruce Lee skins to return to Steam's stunning battle royale Naraka Bladepoint, I have good news.

A woman wearing an ornate mask over her eyes holds a glowing sword in the middle of her face, tracing it with her hand

Naraka Bladepoint is easily one of the most stylish games I’ve ever seen. Blending traditional Asian fashion and martial arts combat with magic and mysticism, Steam’s chart-topping battle royale is a visual masterpiece in itself, and when you add the fact that the Bruce Lee-themed cosmetics are back, it’s like the perfect Red Envelope to start off your Lunar New Year. And Steam’s playerbase agrees – the game has seen a huge spike in player count.

As seen on SteamDB, in the past 24 hours following Naraka Bladepoint‘s Thursday February 1 update, the battle royale game‘s player count has swelled by 50,000. That’s a huge amount in just 24 hours, and is likely a result of the ‘return of the Dragon.’ Yes, friends, the Bruce Lee skins are back – what better way to celebrate the Lunar New Year?

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The Dragon Shadow cosmetics will be returning for a limited time, and there’s a brand new Star-Collection outfit, as well as several new gestures inspired by both Wing Chun and, of course, Jeet Kune Do, the martial art Lee himself pioneered. The omnipresent ‘Dragon Will’ skins will also be discounted, too.

The Naraka Bladepoint Bruce Lee skins (including the Little Dragon outfit) arrive on Friday February 9, the first time since their debut back in December 2021. I have been waiting two years for this moment, and I need those skins – Viper Ning is, after all, my favorite hero (yes I’m basic, I know).

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But there’s a wealth of other goodies coming, too. New hero Shayol Wei enters the fray as the Year of the Dragon begins, wielding her mystical Black Tortoise Shield (she has an affinity for them, after all) which grants her charges for every block. With her deadly sword she can easily close long-distance gaps, pursuing her enemies with deadly precision. Shayol Wol casts you as the hunter, and your enemies as the prey.

Additionally, throughout the course of the Lunar New Year event, traditional Red Envelopes will drop every hour in each lobby, granting you myriad free festive items, including avatars and emotes. You can also spend in-game currency to make it rain in your name – which I think is pretty cool.

The entire update is absolutely perfect, and while I haven’t played in a while, I know this is exactly what 24 Entertainment needed to to do lure me (and 50,000 other players) back in.

A SteamDB graph showing the uptick in Naraka Bladepoint players in 24 hours

While you wait for the Bruce Lee skins to return, though, while away the hours with some other free Steam games or, alternatively, grab your squad and dive into some of the best multiplayer games – we have a whole list.

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