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One of Steam’s biggest free games is getting a casual dodgeball mode

Naraka Bladepoint Season 12 is almost here, and it's bringing with it a brand new casual game mode, perfect for new battle royale players.

Naraka Bladepoint Season 12 casual mode: a white haired woman looking pensive

If you’re yet to try the free Steam battle royale game Naraka Bladepoint, Season 12’s changes and new casual additions might just be the time. Between fairly standard hero adjustments, game mode changes, and a new event lies a brand new casual mode that’s the perfect way to try out what Naraka has to offer before diving into the main game.

Called Hot Potato Counter Mode, this turns Naraka Bladepoint from a battle royale to a quick game of dodgeball. Suddenly, you and your team are passing around and shooting a ball at the other team in the free Steam game, with the focus less on violent combos, and more on controlling the flow of the ball.

The ball gets faster as you pass it, and when it turns red that means it’s time to spike it at your foes. The teams will take turns attacking, and whoever has the highest score at the end wins, as expected. “You can use normal attacks, focus attacks, counters, and hero skills to control the state and direction of the ball,” the game’s newest update adds. Hot Potato Counter mode is launching with Season 12 in April.

But that’s not all, as another casual mode is being planned for Naraka Bladepoint “that focuses players into two teams and they duke it out using their ultimates.” Ultimates are the big attacks you can use in Naraka, with three heroes Tianhai, Feria, and Yueshan the starting roster for the mode.

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Some hero adjustments for Hadi, Tianhai, Yueshan, and Tessa are coming with Season 12, alongside the testing period for heroes coming a patch earlier, giving you “the opportunity to experience and provide feedback on the new heroes before their official launch.”

There’s also a new event running from Wednesday, April 10 to Wednesday, April 24, as the Festival of Water will see the Swarm enemies transformed into the Hydro-Swarm, with water-themed regards unlockable during the event.

Naraka Bladepoint Season 12: Tenacity starts on Wednesday, April 10.

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