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Terraria meets Rimworld in Steam sim with new update, now on sale

Necesse is a comfortable mix of Terraria and Rimworld, and the Steam colony sim is having a massive sale to celebrate a big free update.

Terraria meets Rimworld in Necesse, an open-world survival and colony sim game that just got a colossal update alongside a big discount in a new Steam sale. If you’ve been looking for a colony sim game to fill in the gaps during the holidays, Necesse has completely overhauled its multiplayer for the better, while also introducing a slew of additional content for solo players.

Rimworld fans will immediately recognize what Necesse is trying to do, as it incorporates a visual style inspired by Terraria, alongside some similar crafting and building mechanics, into the colony sim and city-building game genres.

Solo players get a brand new survival mode, an improved system for getting NPCs to join your party, a reworked endgame, a new biome with boss monsters and loot, and changes to the available number of difficulty options.

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Anyone wanting to try Necesse online also gets a wildly improved multiplayer too, as before this update you’d need to make an entirely new character to play with friends. Now, your pre-made characters can just hop on over to a friend’s world, taking anything you already have and keeping what you find, too. With the sale and new features this is a great addition, as the last thing you want is to start from scratch just to play with friends.

As mentioned, Necesse is having a Steam sale right now so you can grab the game at a discount. Necesse is 50% off on Steam until Thursday, January 4, 2024 so expect to pay $9.99 / £8.99.

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