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Vampire Survivors gets new rival as gothic survival RPG hits Steam

New bullet heaven survival RPG Necromantic brings the format popularized by Vampire Survivors to a gothic school, and you can play it now.

Vampire Survivors gets new rival as gothic survival RPG Necromantic hits Steam - A young woman with long, white hair and glowing blue eyes.

While it wasn’t the first of its kind, there’s no doubting the impact that Vampire Survivors had on the roguelike survival space. Since then, we’ve seen plenty of other games arrive in the run-based RPG format, with the likes of Deep Rock Galactic Survivor among the most successful contenders to the throne. Enter new challenger Necromantic, then, a gothic schoolbound adventure packed to the brim with weapons and abilities that’s just launched on Steam.

Necromantic welcomes you to the halls of Valorborn Academy for Adventurers. In order to prove your worth as the best of the up-and-comers, you’ll need to put together builds combining a mixture of weapons and abilities that you’ll choose and upgrade over the course of your run. As you level up in each playthrough, you’ll be presented with a range of skills and equipment to pick from, much in the vein of the best run-based survival RPGs.

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Those various skills come with plenty of very flashy effects, and with huge hordes of skeletons, demons, and bigger elite and boss monsters trudging their way relentlessly towards you from all directions, finding those killer synergies should help you cut your way through the crowds and earn your place in the Academy’s Hall of Records.

At launch, Necromantic features three playable hero characters and three maps, and can be played solo or with a friend in online co-op. There are eight weapons to discover, each with their own upgrade paths, and 24 abilities to learn and upgrade alongside them to construct your best builds possible. With over 50 different enemy types coming your way, you’ll need to find those optimal combinations if you’re going to survive against the hordes and Valorborn Academy’s most dangerous denizens.

Necromantic - Lightning bolts fire out from the player character at onrushing hordes of enemies.

Necromantic is out now on Steam in early access. It’s priced at $6.99 / £5.89. Developer Blinkmoon Games says it expects the early access period to last for “approximately five months,” and that you can expect “a minor pricing increase” when the full version of the game launches, so jump in now if you want to take advantage of the discount.

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