Lizardmen and zombie dinosaurs abound in Neverwinter’s Lost City of Omu expansion


What’s cooler than fighting a T-Rex? How about fighting a zombie T-Rex that pukes up regular zombies to attack you? While this might sound more like something from Axe Cop than Dungeons & Dragons, let me assure you that this is exactly the kind of threat you’ll have to deal with in Neverwinter soon.

Following on from the recent Tomb Of Annihilation expansion, Lost City of Omu is the latest free expansion for the Cryptic Studio’s F2P MMO, and allows you to continue your adventures through the jungle continent of Chult. It’s due for release on February 27th.

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Big lizards are order of the day in The Lost City of Omu. While on the hunt for an evil lich (aren’t all liches, by definition?), players will tussle with a horde of Yuan-ti snakemen, your usual collection of reptilian enemies, and the Tyrant, the aformentioned zombie tyrannosaurus. Determined players will find themselves rewarded with one final endgame challenge; a chance to throw down withAcererak, the treasure-hording lich himself.

The expansion promises to bring some nice quality of life tweaks, such as the removal of the XP curve when progressing from level 60 to 70, meaning that new players will have much less pointless grind to face. This, of course, won’t be that helpful for existing players who had to deal with the exponential XP gain requirements, but that’s the way the MMO cookie crumbles, I guess.

They’ve also made some general improvements to the loot UI, offering a default Need Or Greed setting (meaning you won’t have to click every time an item drops), as well as improving your item storage UI a little. You’ll now be able to flag items as protected, preventing them from being accidentally sold or consumed, and the new Fashion Bag offers you 24 extra inventory slots specifically for cosmetic items.

If nothing else, these expansions are helping the game live up to its name; you won’t need anything wooly in that jungle heat. The expansion is set for release on February 27th, but is mostly available to all through the public testing server at present. The expansion, and Neverwinter itself, remain free to play.