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Can we get a Judge Dredd game? “Yes, we can.”


Rebellion, the publisher-developers who own the British comic 2000 AD and, thus, Judge Dredd, are considering a game based on the incorruptible judge, jury, and executioner.

It will be a happy day when we can add Judge Dredd to our list of upcoming PC games.

We had a nice chat with Rebellion CEO Jason Kingsley at E3, where his company were showing their forthcoming titles Rogue Trooper Redux and Strange Brigade (which is a lot of fun, incidentally). Asked if we can get a new Judge Dredd game, Kingsley said the following:

“Yes, we can. Yes, we can. We’ve obviously got the TV show that we’ve announced. That’s in the early stages of development, which is very exciting.”

That’s a reference to Judge Dredd: Mega City One, the live-action TV series which was announced in May. Rebellion will work with IM Global, an entertainment production company who also brought us the 2012 Dredd movie and 2013’s Locke, starring Tom Hardy.

“But realistically, that’s gonna be a couple of years from now before it hits the screens,” Kingsley continued. “A couple of years is the sweet spot, perhaps, for making a computer game. So we’ve got to seriously look at doing something with Judge Dredd in the computer game space. I don’t know yet, we haven’t made any decisions, but it’d be crazy not to look at it, anyway.”

We wish we could say it’s confirmed, but it does sound like Kingsley is taking the prospect seriously, perhaps in anticipation of resurgent interest as the TV show airs. That’s great news, as Judge Dredd has been woefully underserved by videogames considering how awesome the character is.