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Her Story creator has a weird teaser for his next project

New Sam Barlow game

We’re a couple of years removed from excellent police procedural and mystery game Her Story now, which has given creator Sam Barlow ample time to work on his next project. A tentatively titled Her Story 2 – with no link to the original – was teased well over a year ago now, with little news since. Today, it looks like Barlow has kicked off something new.

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Those hoping for definitive clarity may be disappointed. Here’s the man’s tweet about day one on a new project:

Coffee confirmed?! Try not to get too excited. This does come just a couple of days after, in another tweet, Barlow confirmed he’d “start talking about what’s next” soon.

To speculate, we’d expect another unconventional, narrative-driven adventure game. Beyond that, we couldn’t guess. Hopefully it’s just as surprising – and just as good – as one of the best games of 2015.