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New Sonic racing game on the way, hopefully with more Company of Heroes characters

new sonic racing game

At a SXSW panel today, Sega announced a new Sonic racing title. By “announced” I mean they showed a silhouette of a logo featuring the letter R with some car noises in the background. If only the giant R meant it would be a new Sonic R, but alas those vroom-vroom sounds do suggest the game won’t be on foot.

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Beyond that, there’s little in the way of detail, other than the fact it won’t be a direct sequel to any previous Sonic racing title. But it’s a safe bet we’ll hear more at E3.

This is, however, a perfect time to remind you that the Steam version of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed includes a positively wild collection of bonus characters on Steam, including a three-man team of TF2 drivers.

There’s also General Winter of Company of Heroes, Willemus from Total War: Rome II, the Shogun from Shogun: Total War, and football manager. You know, the guy from Football Manager. We’re two steps away from Geralt of Rivia making it into a Sonic game and I am entirely unprepared for this grim future in which we find ourselves.