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New The Walking Dead character teased, new episode could be ‘400 Days’


Telltale’s teasing continues with a fourth The Walking Dead character reveal. Adding more meat to the shambling bones, a Steam database listing reveals The Walking Dead: 400 Days DLC. The jigsaw puzzle is ever closer to completion. 

The latest Vine clip shows off Shel, who is photographed in some kind of birthday party situation. Along with Vince, Bonnie and Russell, it seems safe to assume that they will be characters in the next episode of The Walking Dead.

In further news, IGN are reporting that a Steam database leak has revealed that the upcoming DLC for The Walking Dead will be titled 400 Days.

I speculated on what the ‘Day xxx’ could mean yesterday, but this leak potentially confirming the 400 Days DLC adds a new element to the equation. Again, trying to forge links between anything at this moment is just pure speculation, but it’s not hard to conclude that this next episode could be set over 400 days of zombie apocalypse, with each of these new characters involved in events on the days noted in their Vine posts. For newcomer Shel, this will be Day 236.