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New World to be removed and replaced with upcoming ARPG reboot

Amazon Games has unveiled a spiritual sequel to New World which is set to replace it, taking the game in a brand new co-op ARPG direction.

New World to be removed and replaced with upcoming ARPG reboot: A character from New World: Aeternum holds up a fish in a seaside town.

If you ever wanted to look at a game which defines what it means to have a mixed response, you can’t do better than point to New World. Amazon Games’ MMORPG has had a rough ride – delayed, hit by falling player numbers, revived by an expansion, and now back into the danger zone of player headcounts once again. That said, the future may be more positive, as we’ll soon be waving goodbye to New World and saying hello to New World: Aeternum.

In a move rarely seen in gaming, New World is set to disappear from storefronts and technically cease to exist. The MMORPG is going to close its doors but it won’t be disappearing fully. Instead, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, it will return in the form of New World: Aeternum, a co-op ARPG which will act as replacement, expansion, and spiritual sequel.

For fans of the original game all the content previously released will still exist in New World: Aeternum, including the Rise of the Angry Earth expansion and all DLC. Despite this, it won’t be entirely the same experience as most of the game will be remixed in this new version. New World’s story, classes, and builds are all going to be updated, meaning even if you’re very familiar with the MMORPG, there’ll be some surprises for you.

Those who have played New World will still feel at home, despite this being a considerable rebuild of the title. Aeternum continues to be the island setting with players washing up on its shores after a shipwreck before setting off to become legends. Facing down cursed foes with a mix of melee combat, ranged weapons including multiple guns, and sorcery, players make their mark on this mysterious island

Of course it wouldn’t be a relaunch if there weren’t some new stuff getting added to the mix. A brand new PvP zone, a ten player raid, endgame trials, and much more is planned for the game. The biggest change, however, is the reorientation of New World from MMORPG to a co-op focused adventure. Players will be able to play solo or in groups, with cross-platform support letting PC players invite friends on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles. In addition, target locking, new accessibility features, and controller support will all hit all versions of the game.

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New World: Aeternum is set to launch on Tuesday October 15 and PC players who own the previous game will receive a Azoth Stalker wolf mount at release. For more information on New World: Aeternum, head over to the official site to learn more.

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