New World kicks off inaugural season with sparkly new battle pass

Amazon Games' New World is switching to a seasonal model with the Fellowship and Fire update, adding a huge new season pass, new quests, and more to the MMO.

New World kicks off inaugural season with sparkly new battle pass: A masked man with a black hood and a long black and gold cloak holds a knife glowing with purple and black energy

As New World shifts gears and transitions to a seasonal model, the Fellowship and Fire content patch is accompanied by new quests and, more interestingly, a three-month long season pass that will shake up the MMO.

The new seasonal model kicks off with Fellowship and Fire, a quest chain that sees the return of fan favourite Irishwoman Grace O’Malley. Building up a mercenary group by the name of the Silver Crows, you’ll have to help her take her bloody entrepreneurial endeavour to new heights, facing down a mysterious warlock and their army of creatures known only as ‘The Forged.’

There’ll be a new level 60 expedition called The Empyrean Forge, where you’ll meet these fearsome foes in droves, as well as a new Heartgem ability on offer called Firestorm, which creates a tornado that damages any poor soul that gets caught in its path.

But let’s get down the real business, shall we? There’s a season pass accompanying this new model, which features both a free and premium track that boast over 100 different rewards.

The free track will contain skins (the red skin in the image below is one of them), Marks of Fortune, new weapons and armour, and even an adorable pet for your house. The premium iteration has all of the free gear, as well as a premium skin set, a tent skin, and even more Marks. Bear in mind you need to be Level 25 to buy the premium pass.

The New World premium season pass costs 20,000 Marks of Fortune, which comes out at around $20 (approximately £16). If that price raises an eyebrow, I asked Amazon Games about how it went about pricing the pass in a recent interview.

You can buy the pass at any time and retroactively receive the rewards you would have gotten had you bought it upon release.

A warrior with a red bandit mask and triangular hat attacks an armoured warrior with their face covered wearing a hooded black robe with golden trims with an axe

In order to level up your season pass, you’ll be doing quests. General expeditions and questing will net you XP, but the big hitters are the Seasonal Challenges – dastardly encounters that are designed to truly test your mettle.

There’s also an all-new mini-game called the Stamp Card, which can contribute to your XP farming. These daily tasks see you complete easier challenges, and if you complete a line of stamps (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) you’ll receive even more XP – so be aware of what quests your choosing.

If all of this sounds like the perfect excuse to dive back into the mystical realm of Aeternum, be sure to check out New World server list – a lot has changed since the game released, after all. We also have a rundown of the New World factions, too, in case you plan on starting anew.