Newegg will now accept open box returns “no questions asked”

It's now easier to save a quick buck buying open box PC components from Newegg, following a policy change no doubt prompted by the recent Gamers Nexus scandal.

Newegg's Richmond Hill offices

Returning parts of your gaming PC back to their point of purchase should be simple, but it can very often come with feelings of anxiety and frustration. Some Newegg customers know this all too well, including hardware reviewer Stephen ‘Steve’ Burke of Gamers Nexus fame. Burke recently accused the company of conducting shady practices, with fairly damning evidence, which has since prompted the retailer to change its policies.

In a statement to Windows Central, Newegg says that it has “put in place new policies to ensure a hassle-free return experience on ‘open box’ merchandise returns on motherboards and CPUs.” While this kind of response is to be expected, the retailer later clarified that these new policies mean that customers can expect to RMA ‘open box’ products on a “no questions asked” basis.

This is a welcome change in policy that should empower those looking to save some cash on the best gaming CPUs and other expensive PC kit by buying ‘open box.’

If you’ve had issues returning something to Newegg, or had trouble getting a refund from the company, we’d suggest reaching out to Gamers Nexus at the email address in the tweet below:

The intention behind Gamers Nexus collecting this kind of evidence is to assist Newegg in improving their practices, and to “make sure Newegg understands this happens as much as it does.” Here’s hoping that other retailers take notice and begin to align their own practices and policies with the reforming retailer.