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The next Total War game will be unveiled this month at EGX

New Total War game

Creative Assembly continues to work on Total War: Rome II, but the studio is already developing the next title in the historical strategy series. And we’ll be finding out what that is very, very soon.

At EGX in London, on September 25th, the studio will unveil the latest Total War project to the masses. On stage, CA will offer up insight into the ongoing production of the game and will also show the game in action.

The developer says that we should prepare for a “surprise”. Let the speculation commence! 

Total War usually covers large periods of history, which means that it’s running out of eras to explore without overlapping. Antiquity, the Medieval era, the Colonial/Napoleonic era and and the multiple periods covered by the two Shogun games and their expansions covers a lot of bases.

Going further into the future introduces vehicular combat – which would certainly be a surprise – and it would certainly be interesting to see Total War’s take on things like trench warfare. It does seem like the modern era offers the most untapped potential.

And then there’s the Warhammer game that we’ve heard bugger all about…

What are you lovely lot hoping for?