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Banish blurry sand with this Nier: Automata texture pack


Have you been playing Nier: Automata? Have you ever had the impression that it looks a bit grainy, or blurry? Then good news! A modder named GPUnity has created a texture pack to sharpen everything up a bit.

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It’s a lovely touch-up for the game’s common sand and rusted industrial textures in particular, as you can see in the video above.

The texture pack is in alpha – indeed its current version is 0.25 – so some low resolution textures remain, and do somewhat stick out next to the improved ones. Still, better some progress than none, and the improvements that have been made so far are substantial. Check out the sand:

The texture pack requires the Fix Automata Resolution mod, which you can download here. GPUnity’s texture pack is available here. It’ll need about 611MB of space when extracted.