“S**t Square Enix” screams Nier: Automata director in savage attack on game t-shirt

Nier Automata Tshirt

Sadly PC-release-date-lacking Nier: Automata is out on Playstation 4 next week. If you pre-order it, you get a (fairly swag) t-shirt. That is the basic facts of the above video, but we really recommend you watch it to understand just how hard it is to make marketing materials for seemingly innocuous items.

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Yoko Taro was shown a “script and clear direction” according to a, presumably in-tears, Square Enix spokesperson via email. “He ignored the script and clear direction,” they continue. “He instead attacked gameplay director Taura Takahisa, rolled around on the floor and shouted ‘S**T SQUARE ENIX.’”

Why? Nobody knows. But it’s made us interested in a videogame t-shirt pre-order tie-in for the first time since 2004. Hopefully we’ll get an equal amount of profanity for a PC-exclusive version in the near future.

For a bit of info on the actual game, here’s thirty minutes of gameplay, sadly lacking in t-shirt stealing moon-headed men rolling on the floor: