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How to unlock the Nightingale Antiquarian card

Early in your adventure through Nightingale, you're asked to find the Antiquarian card - but where is it located in the open-world game?

Nightingale antiquarian cards

How do you get the Nightingale Antiquarian card? In Inflexion’s new open-world survival experience, there are many mechanics at play. One of those mechanics involves unlocking cards which can be used to manipulate your current environment, or transport you to a new one.

These Nightingale Realm Cards are unlocked via a series of different challenges and are dotted about randomly. Luckily, it seems that the Antiquarian card’s location is fixed in the early-game. You should be able to get your hands on it within 3 hours of playing Nightingale, if not sooner, but you’ll need to know where to look.

The Nightingale antiquarian card gate is at the top of the first tower you see

Nightingale Antiquarian card location

The Nightingale Antiquarian card can be unlocked by completing the site of power at the top of the tower near your first Realm’s base.

By scaling the building you’ll come across an orange gateway. Head through here, and a message will pop up telling you to defeat all of the enemies in the tower for a reward.

Head down each set of stairs, keeping an eye out for bandits and other enemies. Some will attack with fist melee, some will throw grenades that cause damage over time, and some will attack with weapons. We used the simple mace here, and found it very effective against all enemies.

When you reach the bottom floor, you’ll follow an intricate gold and grey pathway down into an arena. Find a blue switch and activate it, and a boss will be summoned. Defeat him, again the mace is useful here, and the Antiquarian card blueprint will be unlocked.

To unlock the nightingale antiquarian card you'll need to face a boss

How to craft the Nightingale Antiquarian card

The Antiquarian card can be crafted in Nightingale at a Simple Enchanter’s Focus. It costs one Paper, one Ink, and 25 Essence.

To craft ink you’ll need to build the Simple Mortar Station and refine some pigment from things gathered in the world such as flowers or mushrooms. You’ll then take the crafted Refined Pigment and process it into Ink.

After crafting the Antiquarian card, you’ll need to take it and a Forest Card to a portal in order to head to an Antiquarian Realm.

Now that you know how to unlock and craft the Antiquarian card, you might also be wondering how Nightingale multiplayer works, so you can team up with some friends to explore together. We’ve got all you need to know about Nightingale on Game Pass for that very purpose, too.