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How to increase Nightingale gear rating

If you want to advance in the crafting game and take on the toughest challenges, you’ll have to increase your Nightingale gear rating.

Nightingale gear rating: a fearsome looking monster with mechanical contraptions built into its body.

How do you increase your Nightingale gear rating? Everything you do in Nightingale revolves around how powerful you are at that particular moment; the world defines you by the gear you carry, and there are places you won’t be able to access if your equipment doesn’t meet certain requirements.

The Nightingale release date is here, and those wandering the Faelands will likely have seen places and glimpsed enemies that are way above their current level. Nightingale doesn’t have a traditional player-level system and instead opts for an overall gear rating to measure your current ability, with Sites of Power being hard-gated by this gear rating. Here’s how to increase your Nightingale gear rating so you can take on the toughest challenges that the survival game has to offer.

Nightingale gear rating: a man stands atop a mountain.

How to increase your Nightingale gear rating

Your Nightingale gear rating is the average rating of all your clothing items and main held items. This means that you need to increase the majority of the clothing and equipment you have if you want to raise your overall gear rating. The best way to increase your gear rating is to craft the most advanced clothing and equipment you can and equip it.

An early mission in Nightingale requires you to reach a character equipment rating of 20. Because this comes from the weighted average of all your equipment, you don’t need to raise every single piece you own to 20, but the majority of your equipped gear must reach 20 for the overall rating to change.

Now that you know how to raise your Nightingale gear rating, there won’t be anything stopping you from taking those Nightingale Sites of Power, collecting your cards, and taking over one realm at a time. Don’t forget to check out our Nightingale multiplayer guide so you can take your friends with you on your adventures.