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Nightingale Site of Power locations and rewards

We’ve visited Nightingale’s Sites of Power to bring you the gear score requirements and rewards for conquering them, including Realm Cards.

A Realmwalker stands in the leafy undergrowth, steeling themselves to enter Nightingale Sites of Power.

What are Nightingale Sites of Power? These open-world dungeons are semi-optional challenges that contain a wealth of loot, puzzles, and enemies. They also give you the rare opportunity to expand your collection of craftable Realm Cards, so they’re well worth the effort it takes for any budding Realmwalker to complete them.

Sites of Power are a perfect activity for Nightingale multiplayer, though it’s also possible to take them on solo – you can always recruit an NPC if you need an extra hand. Conquering a Site of Power in Nightingale typically bestows the crafting recipe for the relevant Nightingale Realm Card, though you’ll have to defeat the Nightingale bosses that guard it first. Here’s everything you need to know about Sites of Power in Nightingale.

One of the Nightingale Sites of Power loom large over the Realmwalker as they approach.

All Nightingale Sites of Power

Sites of Power gradually appear in your Abeyance Realm as you progress through each realm and complete quests. Their exact locations vary thanks to Nightingale’s procedural generation, but their icon will appear on your Abeyance Realm map once they’re available.

Here are all the Nightingale Sites of Power:

Site of Power Gear Score Requirement Reward
Antiquarian Site of Power 20 Antiquarian Realm Card
Astrolabe Site of Power 30 Astrolabe Realm Card
Provisioner Site of Power 40 Provisioner Realm Card
Herbarium Site of Power 50 Herbarium Realm Card
Gloom Site of Power 60 Gloom Realm Card
Hunt Site of Power 70 Hunt Realm Card

You might be tempted to head straight to a Site of Power as soon as one appears on the map. However, each Site of Power has a Nightingale gear score requirement that determines whether or not you can enter and explore them.

You must also complete the Sites of Power in the order shown above as part of the questline dictated by Puck. Attempting to skip ahead to a later Site of Power is impossible, since you’ll be unable to enter regardless of whether you meet the gear score requirements.

As you delve into Nightingale Sites of Power, watch out Hope Echoes connected to the various Nightingale factions if you’re curious about the open-world game’s lore. Alternatively, Nightingale system requirements are a must-have if you’re just setting off into the Faewilds.